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Become the Master of the Mingle

Many think of mingle as red carpet movie premieres with champagne and nibbles. But to know how to network the right way, decides how successful you will be.

Carry Your Name Tag Right

The name tag shall be high up on your left side and not have too small letters. When you say “Hello” your right shoulder goes forward, and putting the tag to the left makes it easier to read your name tag. If it is high up, the person you talk to can also easily glance down and read your name tag and title, in case he/she forgot.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Don’t cross arms or legs. It is easier to approach someone who has open body language. If you think it is hard not to have your arms crossed, try to have something in your hand. Don’t sit down - at all. It is much harder to go up to someone who sits down. Therefore, wear comfortable shoes because you are going to stand.

Look People in the Eyes and Smile

Dare to look into the eyes of the people you meet. Many find this scary and most people don’t do it. On top of this – smile. You don’t need your widest “photo smile”, but if you smile a little, you show that you think it is great to be at the event. You are seen as more open and attractive.

Say “Hi”

You don’t need to line up advanced selling phrases or rehearsed monologues. To face someone and look them in the eye and say “hi” is the perfect opening.

Start Talking – or Listening

We have twice as many ears as mouths. Instead of talking about yourself; ask what they are doing there, what they think of the event, if they are looking for something in particular or where they work?  Everyone loves to talk about themselves. This way you have started a conversation.

Your Goal Decides the Conversation

Have a goal with your participation. That is going to decide the way you act. What you talk about and how much.  Are you here to create as many new contacts as possible, sell to end consumer or do you want proper business meetings with closure? Everything decides your approach.

Finish It Off the Right Way

A good way to finish a conversation is to sum up what has been said and what you have agreed upon. Are you going to send a brochure within a week? Are you having a lunch on Thursday? Are you sending an offer?

Only Promise What You Can Keep

If you say that you will send an offer within a week, you also have to do it. It is all about building a confidence, because we do business with those we trust. If you forget to send the offer, you already have betrayed the trust you were given.

The Right Follow Up – Start Networking

The work after an event, is just as big as before or during. It is now up to you to follow up on the new contacts and send your offers. You send brochures and eat lunches. Now you wrap up what your mingeling started and maintain the relationship you have created. It is now that you start to network.

How Can I Practice Beforehand?

Visit other fairs and events. How do they approach you? Who are you interested to talk to? Look what other people do and train yourself to become a better networker.

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