Welcome to Little Italy!

At Acadermia we always have our own Café & Bar for our food conscious visitors. This year we are happy to present the bar in collaboration with Rotari and San Pellegrino. Rotari is a sparkling wine with it's roots in the Italian Dolomites, made with the classic champagne method and matured for 18 months. In January 2018, it was choosen by the Swedish wine organisation Munskänkarna, as the best sparkling wine! (price/performance)

Chill to soft music, sip on some bubbly and enjoy organic anti-aging food. We focus on greens and the healthy Mediterranean diet. Of course there is no added sugar and low carb. We also serve gluten- and lactose free options. If you want Swedish Fika with a soda and cinnamon bun – sorry, but you have to go somewhere else!




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