About Acadermia

The leading Beauty & AntiAging Show in the Nordics

Acadermia is the largest Beauty Event in the Nordics. The concept is exclusive with spa-stands, beauty stage and our health bar Cocktails & Greens. The visitors can shop products to great prices, get inspired by new products, trends and try the latest treatments. In 2017 the show had 13.000 visitors, whereof 25% from the Industry. Over a 100 brands are usually represented by 60-80 exhibitors. The consumers who visit Acadermia are women, 38 years on average and from greater Stockholm. They are very interested in beauty and spend as much on beauty in one day at Acadermia as a normal Swede do in a year!

On stage we have fantastic lectures by leading beauty experts from all over the world. Here you also get inspired by shows, competitions and tutorials in make up, nails and hair. To see what we are up to and what you can do at the fair, follow us in social media.


We help you make safe choices

Acadermia works for a safer beauty industry. A place where consumers can learn, ask questions, compare clinics and brands. 

Through increased information and knowledge, we help consumers to make smart choices. 

On our Beauty Stage we high-light the latest trends as well as discuss risks and possible consequences. We also work with these questions the rest of the year, in social media as well as articles etc.

It is not ugly to be beautiful

The beauty industry is a mess. It suffers from bad reputation because of unserious players. There is a beauty ideal with pouting lips and gigantic breasts as a norm. 

We want to show that there is an alternative to this Hollywood-ideal. We believe that many want to take care of themselves and stay beautiful, without changing into someone else. Using active skincare, modern treatments, exercise and the right diet you stay younger longer.

A platform for business

In 2016, 3000 of the visitors were from the industry. Acadermia thus has become an important platform for growing your business! Meet buyers, distributors,  brand owners - network and recruit new personnel. 

Acadermia is also the only fair in Sweden that welcomes the aestethic industry!

We have a separate b2b-programme with work shops, lectures and demos. This year we do this in collaboration with our B2B-partner Tidningen Kosmetik. Also: Don’t miss our industry mingle and networking dinner on Saturday after the show! Tickets are sold at acadermia.se from September 1st.

About Catarina

I have a master in Business and over 10 year's of experience as a creative and marketing director. I worked across the board with with business development, sales, brand strategies, events and brand design concepts.  

Health and Beauty has always been an interest of mine. Being in this industry now, when so much is moving and the industry grows every year, is really exciting and rewarding! I am so proud to have created an annual, modern platform for the beauty industry in Scandinavia. 

Today beauty is just as much about taking care of yourself as in buying the right products or treatments. Holistic beauty is really something I believe in.

To stay in shape, I try to vary my work outs as much as possible. I do gym, classes, yoga and run. I go for walks, do gardening and swim in the ocean. I try to sleep 8 hours a night but this is something I really have to be better at as I usually end up with 6-7 hours. So this is something I have to change and work with. Read a book before bedtime. Sleep more.

Healthy food is something I grew up with. Home made muesli, herbal tees, berries, veggies and home made bread was a standard growing up. Processed and ready-to-eat meals did not exist in my family... and keep in mind, this was late seventies/eighties...:-)! Thank you, mom, for giving me the right start in life.

Stay beautiful,

Founder of Acadermia

Bild Catarina

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